I shared on this blog post that we are adding banquette seating to our kitchen. Unfortunately it has not been started….yet. I got a bid from our handy man who hung our track door, front door and installed wallpaper on Finn’s ceiling. I also got a bid from a referral from someone who actually read my banquette seating post and his bid was three times the price of our handy mans bid! I got another bid just because our handy man is about a few more weeks out before he can start and I was getting anxious to get it going.

While I wait I have had time to think of exactly what I want to do in this space, the question of shiplap came up…


I thought about maybe doing shiplap on the walls above the banquette.

Then I started to think is  shiplap a fad? It is everywhere you turn and especially if you watch the show Fixer-Upper on HGTV.

I am in LOVE with the look of shiplap especially when it is painted in a bright white.

So I turned to google, since that is my source of reliable information, especially come homework time.

I actually started typing in google “Is ship lap…” and google populated “Is ship lap a fad?” Next populated search was “Is ship lap trendy”?


“Put simply, shiplap is a less formal way of adding interest to a wall. The fact it has to be installed by hand and that you can feel the craftsmanship, the fact that it is a natural material, that it is textured, that it allows you to create a seamless line throughout a space, that it has historic and regional contexts—for me, all these things make shiplap very lively and engaging.


“This trend hit big during the 90s when everyone seemed to want a little piece of Cape Cod in their home and this year we are seeing some updated versions. I for one love this as its just a beautiful and simple texture on the wall. Longevity: Forever. It’s so simple that when used in a natural way it will just look timeless and simple


“Whenever I see the gorgeous rooms on Fixer Upper, I ooh and ah over their kitchen renovations, their amazing transformation of the ugly and the outdated and their creative use of space. But when I see the shiplap walls, all I can picture is the Brady Bunch rec room.” 

“If you have a spacious house with a farmhouse feel, or a beachy cottage where a painted wood panel finish fits and makes sense, by all means, go for it. But if, like many of us, that is not your situation, and instead you have a regular new build in the suburbs, or a house from the 80’s or 90’s with a two story foyer and great room, shiplap might not work. Instead, it will look contrived, trendy, out of place and, in the end, tacky. It could look like 70’s panelling pretty quick.”

“If you’ve ever wondered what 2016’s version of tacky wood paneling would be, look no further than this trend that seems to have overtaken TV design shows.” It’s difficult to remove, and designers now say it often makes little sense to use, particularly in a Colonial or Tudor home style.” 

Well there you have it! I actually had a client tell me they did not want to do shiplap because it will be dated. That is when I stopped to think about it…it can be overwhelming knowing that decisions we make now we will regret in a few short years.

But I think in the right application it will not be dated.


Just how raised wood paneling is a timeless classic Traditional look.

Shiplap is a cape-cod, beach cottage or farmhouse look that will always be on trend…right?

At the end of the day I will go with what I personally like, and we all should do what we like in our own homes!

By: Brooke Christen

From her blog: Nesting with Grace